The Facts:

  • The Russian overseas property market is now estimated to be worth in excess of $.22 billion.
  • A rise of 33% in demand for property abroad in 2013.
  • The Russian economy continues to show growth.
  • Russia is one of the largest exporters of crude oil and the results are seen in the economy.
  • Most Russians do not have mortgages resulting in substantial disposable income to invest in real estate abroad.
  • Russia is home to more than 1 million so called "mass affluent" with up to $.425,000 in cash assets.
  • Expats living in Russia are amongst the highest paid worldwide with 36% earning in excess of $.250,000 per year.
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How to target potential Russian buyers?

It is important to remember that Russia is a developing country and that the principal of 'normal' people buying abroad is a relatively new one. However the interest is strong, money is available and there is a staunch desire to own property abroad.

Russia is also a vast country covering 10 time zones. Whilst much of the wealth is concentrated in Moscow & St. Petersburg, the emerging "mass influent" are now to be found in the major cities throughout the Russian Federation.

To target potential investors a creative marketing plan should include both Print advertising and participation in exhibitions. With our magazine and exhibitions, backed with 19 years of experience we are highly positioned to assist you.

International Residence Magazine
Created in 2003, International Residence soon established itself as "Russia's leading overseas property magazine." Printed twice a year, 35,000 copies of each issue are published and distributed to your target audience. Unlike many countries, Russian's love to read magazines and this tendency is still growing.

  • Published in Spring & Autumn ensuring long 'shelf-life' for your advertisements
  • Lead sponsor of Russia's leading property shows ensure that every visitor receives a copy
  • A vast network of exclusive distribution including leading hotels, high quality restaurants, elite stores and other outlets ensures targeted advertising
  • More than 10,000 subscribers, all interested in property investment overseas
  • Strategic partnerships with leading luxury product events for affiliate marketing

aiGroup B2C Exhibitions/Events
The Moscow International Property Shows are the premier overseas property exhibitions in Russia. Created in 2003 these shows sell out completely and continue to attract more than 7,000 potential property investors. 190+exhibiting developers & agents from around the world of real estate.
April & November

The St. Petersburg International Property Shows are held in Russias 2nd largest city in Spring & Autumn. Now in the purpose built Sibur Arena these shows, established in 2008, are firmly established as the leading property show in St. Petersburg attracting in excess of 6,500 unique visitors and on average 140+ participating developers and agents.

Created in 2007 to cater to the growing investment trend, the Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Shows are held in March & October to promote & sell investment opportunities in worldwide real estate. These shows attract 6,000+ targeted visitors to meet with 160+ International real estate specialists.

The Bulgarian Home Exhibition is held in February each year specifically targeting interest in Bulgarian real estate. Create in 2009 this show continues to attract more than 5,500 visitors and 70+ exhibitors.

The leading B2C event for the overseas property sector in Russia is the Moscow International Property Workshop & Conference held prior to the Moscow Property Shows, providing International developers and agents with an opportunity to meet face-to-face with carefully selected Russian real estate professionals.
April & November

Created in 2010, the Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show provides an opportunity for developers and agents to showcase premier real estate and golf developments. With a strong golf theme and golf practice facilities the event attracts higher level visitors with larger budgetary expectations.

The Moscow Golf Show is held in conjunction with the Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show in April. By providing driving nets, a putting green and indoor competitions the Moscow Golf Show attracts Russian golfing enthusiasts prior to the opening of the season.

With Medical Tourism from Russia increasing at 47% annually the Moscow MedShow and Moscow Spa Show were added to the portfolio to cater to this fast developing sector. Attracting more than 3,500 visitors these shows were an immediate success for International Clinics and Hospitals looking to increase their share from the Russian market.
September & March &

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